Learning the Basics of Proofreading

Learning how to properly use and understand proofreader’s marks and symbols is essential, since these are internationally-recognized standards used to mark changes and revisions on a typographic proof. Changes should be marked in red or any other contrasting color on a hardcopy proof or by using Adobe Acrobat Professional ‘comments and markup’ tools.

Review and read the marked-up proof example below. It also explains the proper procedure for typographic proofing.

Example of Using Proofreader’s Marks


Download a PDF copy of this standard proofreader’s marks and symbols example.

Corrected Proof


Read text version

Proofreading Marks and Symbols

Adobe Acrobat Professional – The New Industry Standard for Proofing

Today, the most popular way of performing professional proofreading is by using Adobe Acrobat Professional. This allows clients to use the ‘comments and markup’ tools, which are found only in the professional version of Adobe Acrobat, that have been created for editing and proofreading PDFs. The greatest benefit, besides having an electronic version of your proofs that you can easily share and print hardcopies from, is the ability to cut and paste large amounts of new text, as opposed to retyping it.


Download a PDF copy of the above standard proofreader’s marks and symbols example.