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The fastest, easiest way to learn how to succeed is from other designer's failures and successes.

"I've seen and trained so many young designers in my career, I thought I would share with you these 4 stories so you can benefit from their experiences, learn from their mistakes, be inspired and also profit from their personal successes so it can help you find your proper place in this highly-competitive creative business." - Mario Godbout, MGD Branding + Design

The bob story

The Bob

The sophie story

The Sophie

The danny story

The Danny

The jim story

The Jim

Excerpts from the audiobook How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer

Learn to succeed as a Graphic Designer
from Successful Professionals

How to succeed
How to succeed
How to succeed

How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer

Revised Second Edition

Following the international success of the book's First Edition and the growing website popularity, with 50,000 monthly visitors, two-thirds of our Revised Second Edition is completely new and the book has doubled in length! Nine new chapters are aimed at providing you with proven step-by-step methods, strategic new approaches and on-the-job professional knowledge you can start using right away. Achieve your goals and get exactly what you want from your career! Learn how to...

  • Get better paying jobs or better clients.
  • Create everlasting job security.
  • Look for and find that perfect 'niche' job.
  • Discover how easy it is to create opportunities for success, where you think there are none.
  • Become irreplaceable in the eyes of clients and employers by using step-by-step methods you can apply immediately.
  • Get recognition from your employer, clients and peers.
  • Establish a winning designer/client relationship.
  • Unlock your true creative potential, step-by-step.
  • Realize your true earning power.
  • Avoid the traps of doing bad work for bad clients.
  • Know where your competition is coming from, and how to make yourself more valuable than they are.
  • Benefit from what you will never learn in design school.
  • Apply Design Integration and Visual Identity Systems to turn every project into a successful multi-media campaign.
  • Understand what branding is, what you can brand, and how to create a great brand experience, in easy-to-understand language.
  • Use a unique method to create a real, measurable, dollar value for your clients.
  • Recognize how young designers become valuable to senior designers.
  • Know where the new generation's greatest value and greatest weaknesses come from.
  • Understand what's really expected of the junior designer.
  • Predict design trends.
  • Develop a winning attitude and attract the right connections.
  • Last but most important, build your success plan, step-by-step.
Limited Edition Hard Cover Book

Limited Edition Hard Cover Book

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How to succeed

At Designers Insights, we are constantly updating our technical knowledge and our abilities to adapt quickly and efficiently to our client's growing needs. Why? To create exponential value! Here is why this Revised Second Edition will make you more valuable as a professional designer:

  • Learn to create a complex Visual Identity System and how to apply it to create exponential value for you and your clients.
  • How to develop a great brand experience for your clients and why and how branding affects everything.
  • It will teach you an easy step-by-step method to become an irreplaceable team member.
  • How to communicate complex messages clearly to increase the value and ROI for your client's brand and offerings.
  • How to effectively and easily apply your designs to any campaign using our proven mthod for traditional or non-traditional media.
  • How to integrate your visual ID system into an integrated Marketing & Communications Campaign, or Communications Plan that focuses on the customer.
  • Learn the many benefits of building your own creative network.
  • How to prepare a winning client presentation.
  • How to protect yourself from the printing industry and outside suppliers.
  • How to create a positive outcome from any negative adversity that might surface.
  • Where lies the true value of the graphic designer when creating the online experiences of tomorrow.
  • What contemporary designers are bringing to humanity's most creative era.
  • How, why and when you should create a comprehensive Graphic Standards Manual.
  • Learn what your immediate environment cannot teach you.
  • Finally, learn the difference between good and bad design.

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Success is a choice. Success is wanting to get up in the morning, being excited about what we do and feeling privileged to have chosen to walk that path. It's that simple. So what are you going to choose now that you have the benefit of this knowledge and all those years of on-the-job wisdom?

How to succeed

At Designers Insights, we realize that our daily actions have a great impact on the entire design community. We understand that by applying our highest standards of graphic design and passing along in-depth knowledge to the next generation of designers, the whole graphic design industry will benefit. Discover...

  • How we can put a stop to the decline of the graphic design industry as a design community.
  • Embark on an amazing journey of discovery as we recount the recent history of our industry and witness first hand its complete transformation over the past quarter century.
  • Why we were so influential within the whole communications industry before.
  • Learn why graphic designers were really valuable and in-demand in the past.
  • Why graphic designers were the first link in the chain for new business ventures.
  • How our market reacted negatively to our changing industry and created DIY in-house design departments.
  • Learn how we can, as a design community, regain our relevance within the whole communications industry.
  • What we are witnessing today are not only industry changes, but a cultural revolution that affects the entire world.
  • Learn that the times we are living in are equivalent to the invention of the railroad, the automobile, radio, and television.
  • Solutions to common industry problems lie within how people communicate with each other today.
  • How we have learned from our industry mistakes of the past.
  • Learn why universities and colleges are a contributing factor to why you don't have the job you want.
  • Why cooperation and collaboration will make the winners of tomorrow.

Our book, How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer, was written with the objective of instantly adding 25 years of on-the-job professional knowledge to any designer, regardless of their experience or skill level - something the website cannot do. Our book goes into in-depth detail about the true business of graphic design. This book is one-of-a-kind. There is no other industry book like it anywhere. It was designed for the sole purpose of helping you thrive and succeed in the very competitive profession you have chosen, by giving you hard facts you can use and by guiding you every step of the way. Imagine if you could see yourself in 25 years, knowing what you have learned during that time, how different your career would be now. Our book will change your life... starting today!

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Full 16 chapters, 336-page eBook (.pdf), Kindle (.mobi) and Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo (.epub)

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