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How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer in Graphic Design

Are you struggling with your career? Disappointed in your progress? Looking for real answers? Or simply want to benefit from years of on-the-job professional knowledge? Maybe you’re just disappointed with your career expectations. But if you’re reading this, it is probably for one of several reasons. You either have great ambitions and are looking to succeed in a big way. Or, you’re at a point in your career where you feel you are stagnating, have been left behind and are feeling disappointed with where your design career has taken you. Or maybe worst of all, your career never even left the ground and if that’s the case then our book is exactly what you need to propel your career forward by leaps and bounds.

Designed as a guide to help you step-by-step

Our book How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer was created as a guide to help you step-by-step as a developing graphic designer. It’s designed to work hand-in- hand with our website which provides a rich, one-of-a-kind collection of technical Print Design Resources compiled in one easy, convenient place for your daily practice. Our Graphic Design Showcase provides inspiration by showcasing today’s best graphic designers and print projects. In addition, our Daily Design Insights provide inspirational quotes and thoughts from design legends to get your creativity going in the morning.

Our book is the missing ingredient to your success

We believe this website alone provides an amazing value to any professional graphic designer in their daily practice, but that’s only half of our solution. The other half is contained in our book How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer. It’s the essential guide you need in order to have all the ingredients that will guide you step-by-step in your quest to create a long-lasting career as a graphic designer. We’ll start by telling you the hard facts about this business others won’t tell you. We will show you the harsh reality of today’s industry demands. It will not always be what you want to hear but need to hear. You will learn insightful business information you can’t find anywhere else. It’s the kind of information you can’t get from schools, your boss or your job. It’s the kind of unique insider knowledge that typically passes from a Master to his apprentice.

Enjoy the benefits of employability in any economy

Our book will quickly identify your strengths and your perceived weakness. We will give you all the tools you need to truly become valuable to your local marketplace in any business climate, regardless of your creative abilities. We’ll share the basic skills you must master if you’re to have any kind of measurable success in our industry as a print designer. These skills are so basic yet design schools don’t teach them anymore. They simply got lost in the mix of uploading and downloading design like many other crafts of our industry. But, for any designers who possess and master these skills, they will enjoy the benefits of employability in any economy. Why? Simply because these skills are rare today, very valuable and are in demand by senior design professionals, creative directors, art directors and your future boss.

The true value of a graphic design professional

Some of our book’s insights will feel like revelations for the young designer, while also presenting new evidence to the senior professional. Yet if this knowledge is no longer being passed to the next generation and applied in their daily design practice, our industry will suffer another major lost in the overall quality of what made graphic design great in the past and so in demand. This book might sometimes sound paternalistic to some, but if you’re looking to rise to that next level of what makes a true print designer a professional, regardless of your creative abilities, then you have to be reminded that you need to learn to walk before you can learn to run. Many gratuitous acts of design, like the use of drop-shadows, gradients and transparency brought about by technology, are simply the result of the lack of good ideas or concepts. That’s not adding value.

Apply our teachings and achieve with success.
It’s that simple.

This book will not teach you the Adobe Creative Suite or any other design software. It does not contain any big secrets that will magically make you successful tomorrow. This book contains simple but proven teachings that you can start to apply in your job today. It’s written in an easy-to-understand language, to make it accessible to all and it’s given in the true spirit of Master to apprentice. It teaches you step-by-step what you need to do to succeed. If you apply our teachings you will achieve success. It’s that simple. We’ve seen it over and over again. Our book will show you how to build the right mental attitude to become a winner. It will teach you the subtleties of the client/designer relationship and what a satisfied client can do for you and your career.

Finally learn what’s expected of you

Our book will show you what your boss wants, what’s expected of the junior designer, how to grow as an intermediate designer and the responsibilities of the senior designer. We will teach you what you will never learn in school, make you understand the responsibilities and risks associated with being a contemporary graphic designer in regards to technology. We’ll show you how to create a lasting impression on the people you associate with. We’ll show you that the secret to creativity is visualization and that you can train your brain to be more creative just like an Olympic athlete. We’ll put to rest that you don’t have to be born with it. It can all be learned. We’ll make you realize that your first job requires not only providing graphic design but also providing quality client service.

Learn from other designers’ mistakes and success

Read the true inspirational stories of four young designers and learn from their mistakes, benefit from their success and be inspired by their passion for design. The Sophie story tells how she was a very talented designer with high ambitions who ended up heartbroken because she had the wrong expectations of what the local design industry would bring her. Or Bob, the shy skateboarder who overcame every adversity the industry threw at him from his school placement beginning to becoming a great contemporary senior designer. Learn from the remarkable persistence of Danny, the very ambitious designer who wanted, more then anything, to work for Titanium Design and finally, the Jim story. The self-taught designer who really knew how to create business opportunities for himself and became a very successful award-winning designer.

Propel your career forward at lightning speed

Our Guide’s ten eye-opening chapters offer you a comprehensive career performance platform for you to build upon. You will find the priceless information and real-world advice that you need to achieve and exceed your goals. We detail how to realize your personal expectations, deliver proven solutions to complex challenges, provide worthwhile insights and cutting-edge advice. If you are serious about succeeding has a graphic designer, this Guide will change your life and propel your career forward at the speed of light… starting today!


Great advice! March 6, 2012. By Alain. “I bought this book a couple of days ago. I’m just nearly done reading it now and I must say, it’s been very inspiring. It’s a book that teaches you a lot about what to do to be more effective on professional level. It really opens up your eyes to an entirely different aspect of graphic design, the business side. It’s a whole different way of thinking and I am 100% certain that it will add to my own personal value as a designer. I highly recommend this book to people who feel they need “a little more” to get to that next level. It will help you with client relations, office etiquette, and just about anything related to the design business. I wish I could have found this in the early stages of my career, I would have probably gotten to where I am now in half the time and would have had a lot more confidence and a lot less stress while doing so. Well done!”


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Title: How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer
Available formats: 170 pages eBook (.pdf), Kindle (.mobi) and Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo (.epub)
Price: $37
Language: English
Author: Designers Insights Inc.
Publisher: Designers Insights Inc.

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Book Description

The graphic design industry has undergone enormous changes in the past couple of decades resulting in a steady decline in the quality of print design. Basic print knowledge that made our industry a great profession and was so in demand in the past, is no longer being passed along to the current generation of designers or taught in design schools. Along with uploading and downloading, this precious knowledge has got lost in the mix and will soon be gone like many other crafts in our industry. It’s a sad fact that most young talented designers today, no longer possess that professional edge which makes a true print designer a real professional.

How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer was written with the objective of correcting this situation by making this precious knowledge available to all graphic designers. Aimed at the developing graphic designer, our book was designed to add 20 years of on-the-job professional knowledge regardless of their experience or skill level through our insights, instructions and teachings. This book is about the true business of graphic design. This book is not a software course nor will it teach you Adobe Creative Suite. It will give you hard facts about this business. This book goes way beyond telling you step-by-step what you need to do to succeed.

This book was designed to make you more valuable to potential employers, to current clients and to the design industry. It’s the kind of information you can’t get from schools, colleagues or your friends. It’s the kind of knowledge that a Master passes on to his apprentice. If you are at a point in your career where you feel you are stagnating, have been left behind and are feeling disappointed with your design career expectations… then this book is for you. Designers Insights is committed to building up your fundamental design knowledge and enhancing your day-to-day workplace performance. Our book will rapidly take you from where you are… to where you want to be.

The real value of the insights and advice this book brings to designers will be evident in the immediate advances you will experience in your own day-to-day performance. The book is sprinkled with inspirational quotes and uplifting thoughts by true design legends who share with you their timeless wisdom. It’s information you can’t get anywhere else. It’s been compiled for you in this easy to read and understand format. We believe by showing you how to improve your design capabilities, the resulting positive leap forward will lead you to better paying positions and create a more satisfying, rewarding, long-lasting career… in any market, recession or business climate. What we will share with you will provide you with more than job security. Our insights will give you employability. 

About the Authors

We are a group of veteran design professionals and we call ourselves Designers Insights. The idea behind writing a book and creating a website came from the fact that we were noticing over the past decades, a steady decline in the quality of print design. We felt it was urgent to act now because losing this precious knowledge would be a real tragedy for all graphic designers. The idea was to correct this situation by making available to every graphic designer this basic print knowledge by launching and by combining our years of on-the-job professional knowledge in a book that reflects the true spirit of sharing knowledge, from Master to apprentice.

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