About Designers Insights

We are a group of veteran design professionals with years of experience and we call ourselves Designers Insights. The idea behind creating a website and writing a book came from the fact that we were noticing, over recent decades, a steady decline in the quality of graphic design and we felt we needed to act now. We think this is happening simply because fundamental graphic design knowledge, which made our profession great in the past and so in demand, is no longer being passed along to today’s new generation of designers. What we are witnessing now is the steady decline of the graphic design industry.

Why? Well to begin with, graphic design fundamentals are no longer being taught in design schools. Curriculums are out of touch with what the marketplace desperately needs… the ability to communicate effectively and generate profits. Secondly, conceptual design should always establish the framework and guide all subsequent design decisions. The desperate use of special effects or gimmicks like drop shadows, gradients and transparency will never be a suitable replacement for a good idea, which becomes the blueprint for your project. Thirdly, the growth of new technologies fueled a competitive rivalry, dividing print and web designers over the past two decades… even though our common goal has always been to communicate clearly and effectively with whatever means available.

Today, we are all witness to this and some of us feel powerless, faced with the growing competition offering fast-food design or pre-designed templates online, which come either from domestic markets or developing countries. The sad result is that the general public has been left with the impression that graphics are nice, but have no real value. Many even think graphics are free. Clients are mostly concerned about the cost of making the mechanics work – programming, printing, advertising and distribution. Where have we failed them so miserably?

Well to begin with, the graphic designer’s primary job was always to add value to a product, a service or an event by making it known, desirable and by clearly communicating its benefits… thereby creating measurable profits for their clients. By creating a real demand for our creative services, it will inevitably raise design’s real value once again and will greatly benefit the whole graphic design community. We know this can only be achieved by passing along proven and critical on-the-job knowledge to the current generation of designers. At Designers Insights we are going to teach you how to create real measurable value for your creative services. We are going to teach you how to become irreplaceable in the eyes of your clients. We are going to teach you how to be successful for the benefit of all.

Our objective with the DI website is to assist you, the professional graphic designer, in your day-to-day work. We have gathered, in one complete collection, all the essential technical knowledge you need to be more efficient, while feeding your creativity. We also achieve this by showcasing the work of today’s top designers and by presenting uplifting thoughts and inspirational quotes from design legends, given in the true spirit of master to apprentice. There’s no other design site that compares to DI anywhere on the web.

Our book How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer was written with the objective of instantly adding twenty-five years of on-the-job professional knowledge to any designer, regardless of their experience or skill level – something the website cannot do. Our book goes into in-depth detail about the true business of graphic design. This book is one-of-a-kind. There is no other industry book like it anywhere. It was designed for the sole purpose of helping you thrive and succeed in the very competitive profession you have chosen, by giving you hard facts you can use and by guiding you every step of the way. Imagine if you could see yourself in twenty-five years, knowing what you have learned during this time, how different your career would be now. Our book will change your life.

Our mission at Designers Insights, will continue by sharing our passion for design, by preserving high standards of graphic design, by offering education and training, by providing professional knowledge along with up-to-date resources and last, but most important… by inspiring you to succeed in ways you may have only dreamed of.

Enjoy your visits and thank you for your participation. Come back often.

How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer